public alert system

Public Alerting System
The Regional District of Fraser Fort George has a public alerting system to notify residents of emergencies and evacuations. All Miworth residents are strongly encouraged to sign up here to receive text/phone alerts.

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George web site posts information about evacuation alerts and orders.

If an evacuation alert or order is issued, communicate with the neighbours on your contact list.

  • Are you aware of the situation?

  • Are you in Miworth or elsewhere?

  • What do you need?

Follow the community plan for evacuation: Community Plan

rail-related emergency

If there is a rail emergency in Miworth call 1-800-465-9239 to reach CN Emergency dispatch. This phone number is posted at every crossing.

Be prepared to provide information.

The rail line through Miworth is part of the Nechako Subdivision. CN identifies the crossings on this line by Mile posts, measured east to west, starting from Prince George. The crossing sites in our area are:

  • La Farge - Mile 5.35

  • Simco - Mile 6.31

  • Catherine Drive - Mile 8.70

  • The Lookout (south end of Miworth Road) - Mile 10.94

Common reasons for calling the railway include:

Anything blocking the track, or debris near the rails which might be struck by a train. Railroaders refer to this as a fouled track. The most common examples of this would be:

  • A vehicle stuck at a crossing

  • Ambulance traveling to or from Miworth. Trains can be stopped to ensure that the crossings are open all the way into town

  • Fire on or near the track

  • Debris or spills from a passing train

  • Broken rail signals, switches or other equipment