neighbour buddy system

Neighbours are one of our greatest resources in a crisis. Family and neighbours are the most immediate sources of help.

It may be helpful to set up a buddy system with two to four other households. Each household selects a few neighbours to contact in the event of an emergency in the community and keeps a list of their information:

  • Cell number

  • Home number

  • Work number

  • Email address

  • Home address

  • Location of house key if rescuing pets

  • Skills and resources

Planning Ahead
Neighbours meet before fire season to exchange contact information and to discuss what they might need during an emergency and what they are willing to offer. If a fire threatens the community and a sudden evacuation order is issued, residents may not be let back into Miworth to pick up family members or pets.

It’s a good idea to be realistic about what you can ask or offer in an emergency situation when time and space are limited. Some examples:

  • Transporting children home alone or adults with mobility issues

  • Picking up pets

  • Letting pets free out of the house or yard

  • Opening gates to let livestock free

Skills and Resources
Identify the skills and resources you and the neighbours in your plan have to offer:

  • First aid training

  • Fire suppression training

  • Construction skills

  • Livestock handling skills

  • Chainsaw

  • Generator

  • Wood stove

  • Tractor/bobcat

In the Event of an Emergency
During an emergency neighbours check in with each other

  • Are you aware of the situation (fire, alert, evacuation order)?

  • Are you in Miworth or elsewhere?

  • Do you need anything?

In It Together
Prepared BC has a Neighbourhood Preparedness Guide with information on connecting with neighbours and making plans together.