All Miworth residents are encouraged to FireSmart their properties to reduce risk of fire in the community.


Refer to the FireSmart Homeowner's Manual for detailed information on how to protect your home and neighbourhood from wildfire.

Some FireSmart Tips

  • Remove combustible surface material, including bark mulch, from within 10m of your home

  • Remove coniferous trees from within 10m of your home

  • Space trees at least 3m apart

  • Prune all tree branches within 2m of the ground

  • Keep overhead power lines clear of vegetation

  • Keep your woodpile more than 10m from any building

If you burn the waste from FireSmarting, please be considerate of the neighbours! Only burn on days when the Venting Index is "good" on the day of burning and "good" or "fair" the following day. Woody debris that is 3 inches in diameter or smaller can be taken to the Foothills landfill for composting free of charge.



Keep an eye open for fires started at places people gather (Wilkins Park, the lookout, the end of Island Park Driveā€¦) or for spot fires started by lightning.
To report a wildfire or irresponsible behaviour call 1 800 663-5555 from a landline or *5555 from a cell phone

To summon neighbours to help extinguish a spot fire: